We've just signed our contract for 2024-2025 as the Vietnamese lessons provider for RMIT Vietnam (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Vietnam). This is our fourth year being selected by RMIT Vietnam. Thank you for the honor!

Photo: www.rmit.edu.vn

Established in 2000, RMIT was the first completely foreign-owned university granted permission to operate in Vietnam. It has three campuses located in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Danang.

Our classes for RMIT employees are mostly conducted at their Saigon South campus in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Group class sizes can vary from smaller groups with 2-3 students to larger groups of up to 10 students. We also teach the families of staff members, and we teach virtual classes for employees based in Danang.

Annie teaches the first Vietnamese course at RMIT in March 2021. Since then, other LVWA teachers have also taught here.

RMIT Vietnam offers its employees a free introductory course in Vietnamese. That’s why the 30-hour introductory course is the one we teach the most. However, some employees go on to study with us at higher levels after graduating the introductory course.

Cheers to another great year of working together.... We're proud to be part of this partnership!