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  • My first lesson with Vinh went very well. He has a lot of energy and he’s very patient but also encouraging. He mainly spoke Vietnamese, which I really liked because I know that will really help me to improve my listening skills. I think I’ll learn a lot from him. Thank you! Steve

  • This first month has been incredibly rewarding. Little by little many things I remember hearing in my childhood are beginning to make sense. And I have to say, the dialogues on the website are so well done, always very funny and lots of new things in each. Superb comprehensible input !

    Pierre Ly
  • Thinh is great, lively and full of energy. I notice I learn a lot from him and he actually makes me feel great. He is patient, funny and you can tell he really enjoys his skill as a teacher.

    Liz Kaiser
  • Been going here for over a month. They are great, especially my teacher Yen. She's patient and encouraging. Great for beginner and intermediate speakers alike.

    Duy Vu
  • 這一年來跟隨清漩老師學習越南語是學習充實又有趣且扎實!老師的中文非常流利,雖然隨著時間的推進,講中文的機會越來越少,取而代之是以越南語去解釋越南語。 上課從教材出發,講解單字、文法,討論該主題自身經驗,書寫作文,聽說讀寫都兼顧。除此之外,從上課的過程中進而認識越南的文化、生活,老師也會補充時事、越南的youtuber等,不只是學習語言的本身,而從學習語言的過程中,更認識越南,勾勒出它的樣貌!另外,特別感謝老師協助我訓練我,一起準備參加台灣大專院校學生越南語演講比賽,從自己寫演講稿、老師修稿子、練習發音、背稿、答辯,讓我克服上台講外語的恐懼,得到第三名的佳績!

    陳怡因 (台灣 - Taiwan)
  • We were very happy with our teacher Linh. She was always very helpful, patient and she taught us well. I would definitely recommend her!

    Michelle Tegelbeckers
  • I have been studying with this amazing school for more than 3 years and as I have a Vietnamese wife I've been able to test my progress out with my extended Vietnamese family and have some great results. I'm really thankful for the service from Annie and the team. I cannot understand how anyone could possibly give a one star review. It's just beyond me as the school is truly amazing!

    Matthew Wright
  • Excellent school to learn Vietnamese !!!! I have been taking one on one online classes and have been using what I have learned at work, restaurants, and with family. I would recommend Learn Vietnamese With Annie to anyone that needs or want to learn Vietnamese in the shortest amount of time.

    Richard Howell
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