Since its founding in 2014, Learn Vietnamese with Annie has become one of the most well-known Vietnamese language schools in Ho Chi Minh City. The two branches of the school are conveniently located, one in District 3 and one in the Thao Dien area of District 2. LVWA has appeared on several websites aimed at expats and other people with an interest in the Vietnamese language. Click on the links below to see some of those websites.

Full length interview with Vietcetara on how Annie started her school, who she enjoys teaching more: overseas Vietnamese or foreigners, and how she wants her school to develop:

Annie's school also makes it into Vietcetera's top 5 schools to study Vietnamese in Ho Chi Minh City:

(Image credit: Vietcetera)

Annie and her school got featured twice in Citypassguide where she gives some true facts about how difficult learners think Vietnamese is:

(Image credit: Citypassguide)

The school's materials, including free tutorial videos on Youtube and premium subscription lessons (also called podcast) always make it to the toplist of materials for learning Vietnamese: 

On morevietnamese:

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On fluentin3months:

(Image credit: Fluentin3months)

and many many mentions on learner's personal blogs, forum threads and reviews!

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